3 Good Reasons To Do Pilates

  1. Pilates, more than any other exercise programme, contains movements for every joint in your body (including all levels of your spine) across all dimensions. No other exercise programme does this, and because of this, you feel and see the benefits very quickly from regular practice of this movement system. It truly is a functional exercise system that will enhance your life, sport and spirit.
  2. Every Pilates exercise incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and a mind, body and spirit connection. This means that every second you are exercising you are getting multiple benefits and calorie burning from every single exercise. If you think of your muscles as being like lights on a Xmas tree that light up when you work them, then when you do a biceps curl you light up the biceps. Contrast this with every Pilates exercise, where every muscle in your body lights up with every single movement.
  3. Pilates reduces stress levels through focused concentration and mindful breathing. From the moment you start exercising you use a mindful approach which means you concentrate on the quality, precision and flow of your movements.  This requires focus. So, while you are focused on how your body and muscles are moving you block out all other thoughts. It’s amazing how many clients tell me that time flies when they do Pilates and that they haven”t had time to think about anything else. What’s more, the deep breathing you bring to every exercise serves to flush and refresh your body and mind.

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